Rebecca Rogers from Smart Station, Tennessee received piano lessons from Edwina Clendenon and Naomi Parker, while attending grade school. Of interest in 1944 when age 7, Rebecca sang over the Huntsville Radio Station in a singing contest and won 2nd place. Shortly after marriage to Tommy, he bought her a Martin 28 guitar and so began her singing days. Rebecca and Tommy with their bands spent week-nights practicing for their weekend engagements. Tommy’s recordings of Rebecca are “ONLY IN MY DREAMS” “LOVE IS BLIND” “I LOVE YOU” “YOU HAVE WON MY LOVE” AND “GREYHOUND BLUES.”

In 1966, Rebecca went with Hollis Champion (aka Elmer Fudpucker) and The Nashville Kings Band to perform at Ft. Jackson, SC. Then afterwards, Tommy & Rebecca with their bands began touring the military circuit. The instruments Rebecca played were keyboard, bass and guitar. Rebecca continues to have membership with the Chattanooga Musicians’ Union Local 80.

Of note, in 1967, Tommy and Rebecca played with their country band (Tommy’s brother-James Pedigo on guitar and singer, Uncle Wesley (WES) Pedigo on fiddle/mandolin/guitar, Houston (HANK) Rowland on electric guitar and bass) performed Saturday afternoons on the WAKI RADIO STATION located on Hobson Street in McMinnville, Tennessee, ending in 1969. When Tommy & Rebecca entertained at the military bases, WAKI played Tommy’s records during their slotted performance time.


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Whiskey, Women and Wild Living

Redheaded Woman

Love is Blind

Goodbye Old St Louis

Only in My Dreams

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